Heavy Duty Power Cord (High Voltage)

In this category you will find a selection of Heavy Duty Power Cords that are able to support your large voltage needs.  All of these are at a discounted price and ship within 24 hours. These Heavy Duty Power Cords are rated for use with 240 volt applications.  Following are the different end confirgurations: Nema 5-20P Right Angle to Blunt Cut, Nema 5-20P to Blunt Cut, Nema 5-20P to ROJ, Nema 6-15P to IEC-320 C-13, Nema 6-15P to ROJ, Nema 6-20P to ROJ, Nema L5-20P to ROJ (locking plug), Nema L6-20P to ROJ (locking plug), Nema L5-20P to Nema L5-20R (locking plugs), Nema 6-30P Right Angle to ROJ, Nema 5-20P to IEC-320 C-13, Nema 5-20P to IEC-320 C-19.  There are many different jacket selections to choose from. For more information on the specifications of each jacket type please see our Cord Terms and Glossary.  Please select the type of connectors you need from below.  If you need further assistance please contact our Customer Service department.