GFCI Power Cord & Attachable Plugs

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are an important electrical component in every household — especially in this day and age when people run many electronic devices simultaneously. GFCI outlets are made to keep people from being shocked and electric circuits from overheating.

A GFCI outlet can sense when the current is too high for the wires to handle, and it cuts power to that outlet to prevent a fire or electric shock. But GFCI outlets only work with GFCI plugs, which have three prongs instead of two. This means that you can’t just replace a worn-out plug with any spare part you happen to have on hand.

Check Out Our GFCI Options

When you’re looking for GFCI power cord and plug combinations, contact Americord. We’re a leading manufacturer of power cords and cables, including inline GFCI conductors and GFCI attachable plug sets in individual and 50-piece sets.

Our GFCI attachable plugs can be used on standard round cables, and they are easy to install with a Phillips-head screwdriver and wire strippers. Check out our options below to see what we have available to suit your needs. If you don’t see what you need, then give us a call at 800-647-6231.