Bulk Wire, Bulk Flexible Cable

This site offeres a vast selection of quality bulk wire ranging in gauge size, color, as well as, conductors. This category houses our large selection of bulk cable sold on reels. The minimum purchase length is 250 feet of flexable bulk wire or flexable bulk cable. We offer gauges 18/2, 18/3, 16/3, 14/3, 12/3, 10/3, 6/3, 8/3 and a variety of jackets like SJTW, SJTOW,SJO, SJ, SJOOW, SJOW, SJT, ST, SVT, STO, STOW, SOOW, SO, SOW, SJEOW, SPT 1, SPT 2, SPT 3. We offer wire in many different amp ratings 10 amp, 13 amp, 15 amp, 20 amp, 25 amp, 30 amp, 50 amp. We also offer a variety of conductors 1 conductor, 2 conductors, 3 conductors, 4 conductors, 5 conductors. For more information on the specifications of each jacket type please see our Cord Terms and Glossary If you need further assistance to buy cable in bulk please contact our Customer Service department. (all bulk wire orders are non-returnable) only @ americord.com 


If you need special spool lenghts please contact our customer service department.  *Additional charges may apply*